• Time

    Workshop will be held from 11/04 to 14/04

  • Place

    Lecture halls at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing

About workshop

Given the great interest in blockchain technology, we, as part of the student association EESTEC LC Zagreb, decided to organize a workshop for 40 highly motivated and proactive students. After a series of educational lectures, students will have a chance to try out the Ethereum blockchain platform and participate in competition creating a decentralized application on Ethereum platform.

Applications for the workshop will be open on this page from 14.3. to 28.3.
P.S. Educational lectures will be open to the public, applications are mainly for the practical part of workshop and competition.

Why should you participate in a blockchain workshop?

With blockchain technology we can imagine a world where contracts and programming code are embedded in digital records and stored in transparent, distributed databases where they are protected from deletion and manipulation.
Each contract, process, task, and payment would have a digital record and signature that could be identified, confirmed, stored and shared. Intermediaries may no longer be necessary. Individuals, organizations, machines, and algorithms could freely communicate and act with very little friction. This is the enormous potential of blockchain technology.

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Organizational committee

  • Alen Hrga

    Alen Hrga

    Lead coordinator

    The motivation for organizing this workshop is to share own enthusiasm and interest for blockchain technology with students who are interested in a technical side which they might not yet had opportunity to learn. This workshop is an excellent opportunity for all students who are proactive and want to learn something more than what is required to on the faculty.

  • Anton Filipović

    Anton Filipović

    Coordinator for logistics

    Because of its innovative nature, Blockchain has become a technology for many applications, from medicine, through copyright protection to banking. In order to realize all the mentioned use cases, it is necessary to know the technical background and this workshop is a perfect opportunity for the next step to understand blockchain technology.

  • Hana Horetzky

    Hana Horetzky

    PR coordinator

    There has been lots of talk and articles about the blockchain lately, but most people do not actually understand what is going on in the background of that technology. Knowing it is necessary so that technology can be properly applied. So join us at the workshop and be a step ahead of the others.

  • Krešimir Ostović

    Krešimir Ostović

    FR coordinator

    Blockchain is the topic for which has been much talk lately. Since I was in touch with this topic and I think blockchain can help us in certain segments, I decided to organize this workshop. I hope that we will demystify blockchain as a buzzword and teach others this new technology.

About partners


Electrocoin is the first Croatian start-up company dealing with Bitcoin and crypocurriencies and has completely regulated its business in legal terms.

The founders of the fastest growing Croatian fintech startup, based on bitcoin trading, are not typical Croatian entrepreneurs. Nikola Škorić and Marin Maržić, a nuclear engineer and a computer security expert, make an unusual business duo.

Electrocoin is a company behind Bitcoin-mjenjačnica.hr, and it has become a market leader in Croatia, thanks to giving citizens and companies a receipt for each purchase.

The fact that the Croatian startup Electrocoin targets the revenue of 250 million or a quarter of a billion kuna a year, demostrates the success of the company.


Iryo is a Slovenian blockchain startup centred around improving the state of technology in healthcare. The company is creating a new global healthcare network with an improved, redefined user experience of patients, healthcare workers, managers and researchers.

By adopting openEHR medical standards and being open-source, Iryo is solving the issue of interoperability in Healthcare IT from the ground up.
The use of a public blockchain will enable the network to employ a distributed access control list (preventing internal exploits that are common in centralized systems) and provide data immutability through digital fingerprinting.
The Iryo Network is the world’s first participatory, blockchain driven healthcare economy built on decentralising access to medical records.
The network will usher in a new era for medical research. Patients will now have the ability to anonymously share their medical history with researchers in exchange for Iryo tokens which can then be used to pay for medical services.


Degoridan is independent agency for digital production and marketing which creates complete digital solutions, everything from web page development, mobile applications development to the advanced integrations and marketing strategies.
Team of over 150 people operates in offices in Zagreb, Belgrade, and Mostar and has so far cooperated with many foreign and inland names.
In Degordian, we value the most happines of our people and great atmosphere which is very important for our production of top solutions for our clients. All of this is supported by many regional and international awards that Degordian won in the field of technology and the award for the best employer of the year.
As a company which focuses on innovative solutions, blockchain research, development and experimentation is inevitable for us.
In the sphere of blockchain and crypto world, Degordian partakes in development of DAPowerplay platform for algotrading, first successful Croatian ICO product.



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