What is the Autumn Congress?

The Autumn Congress in one of the most important events in EESTEC. It’s a place where we all come together, take important decisions that define the future of our association, learn from each other and contribute in EESTEC. It’s an event that shapes the future of EESTEC! Last year, we had the 1st Autumn Congress hosted by LC Belgrade and now is time for the 2nd Autumn Congress and for LC Zagreb to shine!


What is the spots’ distribution?

Each Commitment will have 1 spot for an official representative.


Will there be a participation fee?

There will be no fee for official representative.


What kind of participants are expected in Autumn Congress?

It is highly recommended for members of the LC, who are Internationally Aware and are willing to contribute to the International level of our Association, to apply as representatives in Congress.  


We also encourage you to choose representatives with a good understanding of the EESTEC structure and culture, who will contribute to the creation of a stable network between the Members of our Association. Moreover, they should be aware of their responsibility, and be ready to participate actively in Autumn Congress.


Will there be an International Motivational Weekend?

Yes, LC Zagreb is preparing an IMW for us at 10th-12th of November with a fee of 65 euro per participant. The participation in the IMW is optional, however, we are sure that joining will be an unforgettable experience! More information regarding the application for IMW will be announced soon by the Autumn Congress Organizing Committee.


Will there be an unofficial package?

Yes. There are 3 unofficial packages. Purger Package covers whole EESTEC Congress and IMW, Kaptol Package covers only EESTEC Congress and Zrinjevac Package covers two days of EESTEC Congress and IMW. Also, there is an IMW where we will be celebrating our 10th birthday.


What if I want to come to Congress but I am not sure if I am going to be selected as official participant?

Wait for the results. We have set dates the way you still have time to apply as unofficial so you can come to Zagreb both as official and unofficial.


Can I attend GMs, trainings and working sessions if I am an unofficial participant?

Trainings and working sessions can attend anyone that marks it at form. However, number of spots in GM room is limited. Therefore, it wouldn’t be possible for everyone to attend GMs. If it happens that we have an extra space in GM room, we will distribute it in agreement with International Board.


Do we have food included for IMW?

You have included dinner on Friday evening, lunch on Saturday and Gala dinner on Saturday evening.


What if I want to come, but neither of the packages suits me?

Contact us between 26th of September and 4th of October and we will find something that suits you.


When should I come and leave?

It would be the best if you could come on Sunday 5th of November before 5 P.M. However, if you can’t make it, that is fine. Also, departures will be on Sunday 12th of November.


Can I come few days earlier or leave few days later?

Of course. Just make sure to let us know on time.


Who can I contact if I have any questions?

You can contact Karlo Sudec on his FB account, WhatsUp or any of the mails stated below. Please, make sure to contact him since we all have a lot of work and we cannot reply on your questions as well as CP will.

 The deadline for IMW and unofficial packages is October 3rd.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us on: