Board of Directors

  • Katja Ivic

    EESTEC is a place where I made friends, deepened my soft skills and mastered many technical skills. EESTEC gives you an opportunity to develop on a personal and business plan, and all of that in a good society. Will you take advantage of that opportunity?

  • Katarina Cavar

    EESTEC is a place that gives you as much as you invest in it. For me, it is an opportunity to improve myself and experience working in areas which college cannot provide: organization, teamwork, participation in a business world, and improvement of various skills. And most importantly, I get to have fun and make friends for a lifetime.

  • Ivana Kinder

    For me, EESTEC represents a wide range of options for personal development and for working on projects that will give my colleagues an opportunity to learn something new or to gain new experiences. Also, EESTEC members are people whom I always feel comfortable with, who are always willing to help each other and I am very glad to have the opportunity to cooperate and socialize with such positive people.

  • Vilim Roller

    In my opinion EESTEC is an association that gives everyone ability to find themselves. In EESTEC I met people with different perspectives and interests so I expanded own horizons that way. I am motivated to contribute to the growth and development of the association in order to enable others what was enabled to me.

  • Magdalena Krenek

    When I think about EESTEC, the first word that comes to my mind is family. EESTEC is a place where I met some of my closest friends from all over Europe, and I was given the opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills and overcome many fears along with having lots of fun. It is a pleasure to see how EESTEC is progressing year after year, and I together with it and I hope to enjoy it for a long time.

  • Ksenija Markovic

    EESTEC is everything what you want it to be. An environment that allows you personal development and progress. Therefore, dear members, be active in teams, suggest your ideas, travel, and do not be afraid to fly to the unknown.

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